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Reclassification from EL to RFEP is a big step!

  • CELDT Overall score of 4 or 5

To see a flowchart of the Reclassification process click below:

ELD classes do not satisfy A - G requirements for California's public colleges and universities.

For more information on the CELDT test, please visit the California Department of Education's Resource page:

CDE CELDT Resources

CDE CELDT Resources in Spanish

English Language Learners


What is an English Language Learner?

At the time of enrollment, parents/ guardians fill out a Home Language Survey (HLS).  If they indicate, or it is observed, that the family speaks another language, then the student must take the CELDT test with 30 days. 

If the student passes, they are deemed 'Initial Fluent/ English-Proficient' (IFEP) and are placed in a mainstream English program.

If the student does not pass, then they are deemed 'English Learner' and take English Language Development (ELD) classes.

ELD classes will be a part of their schedule until they can be reclassified as English-Proficient (RFEP). 

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) counsels the principal with regard to the programs and services that support students learning English.  For more information on the responsibilities and requirements, click the link below:


Join ELAC and make your voice heard!